Friday 16 November 2018

Confusion over two different speed limits on same road in Gorey

Maria Pepper

Having two different speed limits on the same road in Gorey has resulted in a 'cash earning' zone because confused motorists keep getting fines and penalty points, a member of the Joint Policing Committee has claimed.

Declan McPartlin said it made no sense and he believed the Council had decided a number of years ago to change it.

Inspector Syl Hipwell of the Garda Traffic Corps disagreed with him and said:'It's certainly not a cash area for us. We are out there to reduce speed and reduce fatalities.'

Inspector Hipwell said that whatever the speed limit is, that's what the gardai have to work with.

'Can you see the logic in the same road having two different speed limits,' asked Mr. McPartlin. 'People have a reason to believe they are driving in a 100 zone when they are in an 80kmh zone.'

Inspector Hipwell:'It sounds confusing alright'.

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