Thursday 23 November 2017

Coolcotts women's artistic endeavours are simply fab!


A group of FAB women got together with local artist Mary Wallace to create a magic mural.

And the object of their endeavours will be unveiled at the FAB Community and Family Resource Centre in Coolcotts tomorrow (Wednesday).

Willing to try something totally new and different to anything they had ever done before they teamed up with Mary who gave them four tins of paint and a little artistic direction!

Over three months Mary directed and facilitated the group to design and install a mural in the atrium stairwell in the FAB centre - a big, bright area lit by a rooflight window. They began by many making drawings and paintings inspired by nature - flowers, trees, birds and more. As their confidence grew they became more and more flamboyant in their designs.

The mural is larger-than-life with a towering foxglove, a gigantic sunflower, two enormous butterflies and other exotic plants. The colours used are strong and vibrant literally popping off the wall. Painted over the Christmas holidays when the centre was closed, the women were thrilled at the response from their local community when the doors opened in the New Year.

Celtic Women is a group of parents formed about three years ago who have come to the realisation that 'self-care' and concentrating on supporting themselves and enhancing their own development and skills would not only benefit group members but also their families. The group have done a number of community-building projects together including researching and publishing a book on local history. They have a track record of taking on a project and bringing it to a conclusion. They believe in doing things together to benefit their community and in so doing support their communities.They wanted to give something to their Community Centre and to the other groups who meet there including pre-school and afterschool, womens and mens groups. The theme 'A Fabulous Heart' was chosen as FAB is at the heart of the community; drawing people together for all sorts of reasons. It also represents the group itself giving heartwarming support to each other.

'The women were amazed to see their own drawings scaled up to fit on the wall. They can each point to their ideas and their artwork and feel a real sense of personal achievement and satisfaction showing their fabulous artwork to everyone in the community and the users of the centre,' she said.

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