Sunday 19 November 2017

Council against blood sports should 'cop on'

By David Tucker

Rob Roche, Philip Hore and Johnny Roche, master of the hunt, at Tomhaggard ahead of the charity canter.
Rob Roche, Philip Hore and Johnny Roche, master of the hunt, at Tomhaggard ahead of the charity canter.

KILLINICK Harriers says the Irish Council Against Blood Sports should 'cop on to itself' after it said it was shocked and dismayed that St Vincent's Hospital had chosed to accept the proceeds of Sunday's charity hunt and auction in County Wexford.

'We wrote to St. Vincent's Hospital, appealing to them to reject the proceeds of this hunt on the grounds of horrific cruelty to wildlife, and also citing an instance in 2009 where the Killinick Harriers savaged a pet cat, tearing it to pieces in the driveway of a homeowner. Sadly our appeal has been rejected,' Aideen Yourell from the anti-blood sports group said in a statement.

However, it praised for taking down a posting promoting the charity hunt.

'DoneDeal have similarly reacted in the past to other requests from us not to include ads for hunting dogs, and have a policy of rejecting ads that promote animal cruelty and bloodsports. Well done to DoneDeal and, sadly, shame on St Vincent's Foundation,' said the group.

However, while two ads for the event had been taken down, there was at least one still on the website promoting it.

Chairman of the Hunt Jimmy Devereux said the council against blood sports should have enquired about the charity hunt before acting.

'They should co on to themselves, it's not a hunt, just a canter, a 12-mile drag that begins in Tomhaggard,' said Mr Devereux, adding that the hounds would be brought out to Tomhaggard to add to the atmosphere before being taken home.

The chief executive of St Vincent's Foundation, John Hickey, said in a statement that St Vincent's Foundation is not involved in organising or promoting this event and it would not be appropriate for a foundation to have an organisation position on 'matters such as this' and that the 'responsibility to allow or otherwise is a matter for legislators and we would not interfere in that'.

'In other words, St. Vincent's is literally turning a blind eye to the cruelty involved in foxhunting, and citing its shameful legality in this country as an excuse for so doing,' said Ms Yourell.

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