Saturday 16 December 2017

Council briefs

Dangerous roundabout

A roundabout in Wexford town is said to be so dangerous that 'we're lucky someone hasn't been killed there'.

Speaking at last Monday's meeting of Wexford Borough Municipal District Cllr Davy Hynes said the Whitemill Roundabout is so dangerous 'that we're lucky someone hasn't been killed there'. He said that a barrier that goes partially around the roundabout should be extended which would improve matters.

His notice of motion was seconded by Cllr George Lawlor who said that the roundabout has been problematic for a long time. He said 'people are exiting and entering at speed crashing into a nearby hedge and gate' which is privately owned.

Take estates in charge

Summerhill Heights needs to be taken in charge.

Speaking at the recent meeting of Wexford Municipal District Cllr George Lawlor said that the estate was around 20 years old yet had never been taken in charge. He also asked what was the state of play in relation to Standfield estate saying there was a lot of work needed there before it could be taken in charge.

Engineer Lar Lett said that works were underway in Strandhill at the moment.

Flood damaged road repairs

An application for emergency funding to repair flood damaged roads has been sent to the Department of the Environment.

Cllr Jim Moore wondered if the borough municipal district had completed a review of the roads in the area which had been damaged by floods to get them repaired. He also asked if there was the possibility of getting extra emergency funding for same.

Engineer Lar Lett said that the roads in the district had been assessed and an application had been submitted to the Department for consideration.

High paths in Fisher's Row

Concerns about the height of footpaths along Fisher's Row were raised at last Monday's meeting of the Wexford Borough Municipal meeting.

Cllr George Lawlor said that the height of the paths were causing difficulties for some people particularly those with mobility problems.

However engineer Lar Lett said that he would prefer not to see people stepping off the path where they were a little higher because of the nearby junction and the volume of traffic.

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