Monday 16 September 2019

Council house prices excessive

COUNCIL tenants wishing to buy out their houses are being quoted excessive valuations for their homes, according to Cllr. Padge Reck. He stated that one woman looking to take ownership of the roof over her head had been told that the property was worth €120,000.

Even allowing for the 40 per cent discount applied in such cases, the sum owed if she takes up the offer will be more than the €53,000 being looked for by a neighbour in the same estate who is selling up. Cllr. Reck noted ruefully that, in more prosperous times, the local authority paid prices of €220,000 for some houses. He was assured by housing officer Maeve O'Brien that valuations are drawn up by experienced local auctioneers reflecting the real property market. However, she added that prospective purchasers are entitled to obtain their own professional valuation and challenge the offer.

The tenant purchase scheme run by Wexford County Council has been extended until the end of December, elected councillors were informed last week.

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