Saturday 17 August 2019

Council rejects extension plan at Auburn Terrace

By Maria Pepper

A plan by a construction company to build a large extension onto the rear of a protected late-19th century terraced house in Auburn Terrace has been turned down by Wexford County Council because it would have a negative visual impact on the area and lead to a loss of privacy for neighbours.

Anthony Neville Homes applied for planning permission for an extension including a link corridor to the existing building, in the rear garden of 1, Auburn Terrace in Redmond Road which is a protected structure under the Wexford Town and Environs Development Plan.

The extension was to be built on beams at the first floor level with the ground floor underneath being used as a car parking area and a connecting link corridor joining the existing property with the extension.

Architect Stephen Carr said the proposed development was designed to create a clear break between the existing listed building, with the lay-out designed to ensure the privacy of neighbouring properties and a glazed link corridor positioned to minimise impact on the listed house.

However, executive planner Sonia Hunt who examined the application, concluded that by virtue of its height, scale, external finish and prominent position, the extension would have a detrimental impact on the surrounding area and also a negative impact in terms of a loss of privacy due to the potential for overshadowing and causing a loss of value to neighbouring houses.

The applicant proposed to clad the first floor extension with a galvanised metal screen to maintain the privacy of adjoining properties and to form a sun shade to the proposed offices but the executive planner considered this inappropriate for the listed location.

The County Council refused permission for the exension due to the absence of an Architectural Heritage Impact Assessment carried out by a suitably qualified architect which would help the planning authority to fully assess the development and also due to the overall scale and design being inappropriate for the location.

In relation to the car parking provision, the executive planner said the proposed solution favoured car parking over design, visual impact and neighbouring privacy and was therefore inappropriate. A well-designed single storey exention could still have allowed for car parking within the site, she said.The Heritage Council, Failte Ireland, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht were notified of the planning application but no submissions were received.

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