Thursday 22 August 2019

Council setting up new customer service unit

By Maria Pepper

Wexford County Council is establishing a new dedicated Customer Service department with up to 10 full-time staff to co-ordinate all public enquiries relating to different sections of the local authority.

A total of €150,000 is to be spent on moving the existing reception desk to another area within County Hall in Carricklawn and re-configuring an open plan space into offices for the new department which is expected to be in operation by early next year. The cost is being split between the Council's 2017 and 2018 capital programme budgets.

All public calls and enquiries over the telephone and in person will be handled by the Customer Service unit and will be passed on to different departments within the local authority, as required. The staff will be drawn from existing employees of the Council.

'The department will be a separate entity within the Council and will handle all calls using a customer service system. The aim is to improve our services to the public,' said a spokesman.

Meanwhile, Wexford County Council is conducting a customer service survey to obtain feedback from the public.

Those wishing to take part are asked to fill in cards which can be picked up at all local authority offices around the county

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