Wednesday 21 August 2019

County Wexford's personal injury claims totalled €7.4 million last year

CLAIMS totalling €7.4 million were awarded to claimants in Wexford last year, the Personal Injuries Board has revealed.

It said that with 253 awards, Wexford accounted for the fifth lowest number of personal injury awards on a per head of population basis in 2014. The average award in Wexford was €29,435.

The average compensation award nationally €22,000.

The Injuries Board is the independent State body responsible for delivering personal injury awards to claimants who have had a motor accident, workplace accident or an accident in a public place. By law, all personal injury claims (apart from medical negligence) must be submitted to the Board.

Awards for motor accidents accounted for 3 out of 4 awards but the average award value was lower than for any other injury type at €21,215. In contrast, employer liability awards - while only making up 7.5 per cent of the total number of awards - accounted for the highest average award (€32,134) and also the single highest award made in 2014 (€972,898).

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