Monday 22 January 2018

Courtown is vulnerable due to garda cuts - Cllr Sullivan

By Fintan Lambe

Cllr Joe Sullivan
Cllr Joe Sullivan

A FORMER Garda Detective has asked if the downgrading of Gorey Garda Station has led to the Gorey Courtown area being seen by dissident groups as somewhere they can operate unimpeded.

Cllr Joe Sullivan said it's very lucky no-one was killed in last week's incident in Courtown. 'If things had gone wrong and the explosives went off, what kind of devastation would there have been in the area?' he asked.

'With garda manpower in the area, and the transient population, especially in Courtown, these people think they can operate without anyone watching them.'

He said he will ask that the Gorey Municipal District enter into correspondence with Garda Commissioner Noirín O'Sullivan, to call for the re-introduction of a Superintendent to Gorey Garda Station. 'I am not in any surprised at what's happening in Courtown,' he said. 'We're very lucky no-one is dead.'

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