Thursday 14 November 2019

Afghan teenagers found tin tuck with no money or papers

Judge's gavel.
Judge's gavel.

The fate of two unaccompanied Afghan teenagers found in the back of a lorry which arrived from France was considered briefly at Wexford District Court.

 Interim care orders were granted to the Child and Family Support Agency in the absence of the pair who had been apprehended by Gardaí Frank Nealon and Tracey Noonan.

A social worker told how they were found with two adults in the back of the truck the previous day and brought to Wexford General Hospital. The first told officials, with the help of a doctor who spoke their language, that he was 15 years old though he did not provide a specific date of birth.

He said that the journey from his native land via Iran, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and France took eight months. He arrived in Ireland with no cash, no baggage and no documents and no possessions other than a mobile phone.

The second teenager appeared to be no relation to the other, or to the two adults, though the four said they were all friends. He said that he left Afghanistan five months ago and had exhausted his €500 cash.

He too had no luggage, no documents and no date of birth though he claimed to be 14 years of age. He had no Irish connections that anyone was aware of.

The social worker indicated that the pair would be referred to a team in Dublin which specialises in dealing with asylum seeking children separated from their parents.

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