Thursday 12 December 2019

An Post van driver blamed for crash

Judge's gavel
Judge's gavel

An Post van driver PJ Carley was found responsible for the crash in which his vehicle collided with a BMW and caused more than €7,000 worth of damage to the car.

Blame for what happened was decided by Judge Gerard Haughton at the District Court in Ardcavan after he heard, not only from Carley but also from car driver Catherine Roche from 6 Oak Tree Rise in Newlands, Wexford.

The accident occurred on February 4 last year when Ms Roche was turning into the driveway of her house, with her then one and a half year old grand-daughter on board.

The An Post van drove into the passenger side of the car, showering the child with glass as the window broke on impact.

Carley explained that he was following the plaintiff and he thought Ms Roche was pulling over to park on the right hand side of the road.

Instead, she swung across back left and into his path. The judge awarded her a decree for €7,491, plus legal costs.

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