Friday 19 January 2018

Applications before Wexford court for 83 home repossessions

A total of 83 applications for repossession, most of them concerning family homes, were listed in the Wexford Registrar's list at the courthouse in Wexford on Monday. There was a response to the majority of cases brought by various Financial Institutions for possession.

During the course of the morning possession orders were granted in just seven of the applications.

While the figure for possession granted was just seven it is said to be on the increase given that there is a sitting every second and fourth Monday of each month.

The majority of applications were in respect of primary homes.

New Beginning, which was set up to provide legal advice to distressed borrowers said that around 1,000 house repossession applications are due before courts around Ireland this week alone. Spokesperson Ross Maguire said that 83 cases were listed before Wexford Circuit Court yesterday Monday, while 70 cases were listed in Wicklow Circuit Court.

A further 40 were listed in Waterford, and 129 listed this week alone in Cork.

Mr Maguire said that his organisation had barristers available in every court to offer assistance to people should it be required. He explained that New Beginning brought a case several years ago which stopped all repossessions, but the government fixed the loophole in the legislation last year, leaving the way free for the process to begin again.

He said that with prices going up, and with people having gone through the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process, the next step is for repossession applications to be made by lenders. 'Every month that goes by, more and more orders will be made,' he predicted.

While most of the cases listed this week will be adjourned, the next stage will be for orders to be made. After that, repossessions will begin. 'New Beginning is rolling out this programme of having young barristers available in every court where these cases appear,' he said. 'We're hoping people will engage with us. We can do an assessment of the person and then propose a solution.'

New Beginning was set up at the end of 2010 to provide legal services to distressed borrowers. It later began to provide debt management services.

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