Friday 24 November 2017

Back from Canaries to meet cash theft case

A European arrest warrant was required to bring James Hillis (46) of Green Lakes, Forth Mountain before Wexford District Court to plead guilty to 11 charges of stealing money.

The total sum involved in the offences dating back to late in 2011 amounted to more than €44,000 with nine different injured parties.

Hillis was charged with stealing at AIB Bank in Rosslare Harbour at various dates in November and December of 2011.

The DPP directed that the case should be referred to the Circuit Court

Barrister Dorothy Donovan confirmed her client was willing to go forward on signed pleas of guilty.

She noted that some of the documents in the case were in Spanish, as Hillis had come from Tenerife.

Among those who suffered losses, named on the charge sheets, were Edward Lonergan (€9,950); Philip Pride (€5,055); John Pollard (€4,000); Rachel Smith (€3,185); Graham Porteous (€2,180); Nicky Smith (€2,420); Jeffrey Brophy (€2,000); James Farrell (€1,950).

In the case of a man called Trevor Watson, the amount take came to €14,000, comprised of amounts of €8,500 and €5,500.

Wexford People

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