Thursday 17 October 2019

Counter claim allowed to stand despite delay due to illness

A claim for payment made by Pat Roche Contracting Limited of Clonmines, Wellingtonbridge against John Cullen of Maxboley, Ballymitty was on the list for the civil sitting of Wexford District Court on October 22.

The firm's case was introduced by solicitor Gerry Flynn who confirmed that his clients were looking for more than €8,000.

He pointed out that Cullen lodged his counter-claim for €6,741 later than required by court rules.

However, the counter-claim was allowed to stand after Cullen explained the delay.

He said that his sister had died in June and he suffered a bout of illness which required eight weeks in hospital.

He was told that, whatever the outcome, he would be required to cover the other side's €300 in expenses and costs arising out of the day in court.

Wexford People