Friday 19 January 2018

Court briefs

Petrol case

A man accused on the double of driving off from petrol stations without paying was brought before Judge Gerard Haughton last Tuesday. Motorist Thomas Crean appeared at the District Court in Wexford after he was arrested on execution of a bench warrant.

He told the court that he was not in employment and the judge assigned him the services of solicitor Tim Cummings. Bail was granted to July 6 after the court was supplied with the address of the defendant's mother - Tubberfinnick, Crossabeg.

Licence restored

Drink drive offender Michael Morris - address c/o 46 Davitt Road North, Wexford - was granted the early return of his licence. He was put off the road for three years with effect from February 2013. He explained to the District Court that he was a painter/decorator by profession and hoped to obtain work if he was permitted to drive. The judge restored the licence with immediate effect and Morris agreed not to resume driving before showing gardaí evidence of valid insurance cover.

Speed appeal

A man who forgot to come to the District Court on a previous occasion to deal with speeding charges has been given leave to appeal his fine and disqualification to the Circuit Court.

Robert Power of 1 Wexford Street in New Ross told Judge Gerard Haughton last Tuesday that he had been looking after his 81 year old mother.

The judge granted an extension of the time allowed for an appeal but advised Power that, as matters stand, the disqualification remains in place and he must not drive.

'Get those papers in,' was his advice to the applicant.


Confusion as to the whereabouts of a man accused of public order offences and of breaching a barring order reigned at the District Court in Wexford last Tuesday.

Solicitor David Tarrant attended the courthouse in Ardcavan to represent absent client Desmond Canning of 38-39 Lower Gardiner Street in Dublin and Ozanam House in Wexford.

Canning was due to deal with charges arising from incidents in New Ross and Wexford on various dates from May of 2013 to April of this year.

Mr Tarrant revealed that he had called to a prison in Dublin the previous Friday intending to speak to the defendant. However, he was told by the staff there that Canning 'declined' the visit.

Judge Gerard Haughton informed him that Canning could not have been in the jail at that time as he had been granted bail by another court. A bench warrant was made out for the arrest of the missing accused.

Four addresses

Daniel Cashin (23) with addresses at Ozanam House in Wexford; 40 Hollyville Heights, Francis Street in Wexford and 8 The Mall, Apartment 2 in Waterford was brought under prison escort before the District Court in Wexford last week. He stood accused of theft and public order offences dating back to June of last year.

A Dun Laoghaire based solicitor was assigned to assist Cashin on a previous occasion but, when the case was called, it was Eric Furlong from New Ross who rose to his feet. He pointed out that the defendant was due to deal with other matters in at a court in Dun Laoghaire on May 18.

At Mr Furlong's suggestion, the Wexford matters were adjourned to July 6 with the accused man to reside in the mean time at a fourth address - 1 Malthouse in Waterford.

Assault charge

The case of Gary Chaney of 40 Hollyville Heights, Francis Street in Wexford and of 15 Seabury, Rosslare Strand was called at the District Court in Ardcavan last Tuesday.

Garda David Beale's charges alleged theft from Shaw's Jean Depot and Industry along Wexford's Main Street during February of last year

Solicitor Tim Cummings also noted that his client stood charged with assaulting John Collins at Skeffington Street on February 15 last year. All matters were put back for consideration by the court on September 21.

Failed to impress

Patrick Dempsey from 17 The Green, Clonard Village faced an assault prosecution in the wake of an incident at The Green on July 20 last year.

However, the District Court was informed that the injured party no longer wished to give evidence against the defendant.

Solicitor Colette Culleton stated that her client had taken steps to deal with anger management and was undergoing addiction counselling. While she accpeted that assault charge was serious, she stressed that Dempsey had no previous convictions of any kind.

Judge Gerard Haughton was not entirely impressed, pointing out that the anger management programme had commenced the previous week - almost a year after the incident.

He pencilled in a nine month sentence but left open the possibility of suspending the jail term and adjourning the case for the summer: 'If I am not impressed in September, I will impose the sentence,' he advised the defendant.

Arson case

A nine month prison sentence was suspended in the case of convicted arsonist David Walsh of 12 Slí an Uisce, Clonroche. His offence dated back to May 25 at the Harbour View hotel in Rosslare Harbour. In the District Court last week, Judge Gerard Haughton accepted that Walsh had cooperated with the court probation service who will continue to supervise the defendant for nine months.

Meter damaged

A screwdriver and an axe were found at the scene of an attempt to damage a Wexford parking meter, Judge Gerard Haughton was told when he sat at the District Court in Ardcavan.

Appearing on a charge of criminal damage and 'possession of articles' at Grogan's Road was John Byrne of 7 Carrigeen Street in Wexford, who came to court with his solicitor John O'Donovan.

The case investigated by Garda Emer O'Reilly dated back to February 5 and the amount of damage was put at €1,021.

Mr O'Donovan pointed out that co-accused Darren Donnelly (40) of 87 Talbot Green in Wexford was not present, though the absent man's mother attended court. Handing in medical reports, the solicitor suggested that Donnelly might not be fit to plead. He was concerned that the cost of obtaining a psychiatric report was 'exorbitant' to the extent that it would not be covered by legal aid.

Charges against both men stand adjourned until July 6.

Third conviction

A drink drive conviction was handed down to Liam Duggan (36) of Ballybeg in Screen - the third such conviction to go on his record.

The prosecution was brought to the District Court by Garda Dene O'Gorman who was on duty in Curracloe on the night of April 11 last year.

He noticed Duggan's Pajero making a turn towards Screen without indicating and pulled him up, arresting him in Ballaghblake at 10.55 p.m.

A breath test conducted at Wexford garda station by Garda Barry Hennessy confirmed the suspicion that he was over the limit.

Defence solicitor Colette Culleton argued that there were delays at the station in carrying out the test but Judge Gerard Haughton had no hesitation in convicting.

He was told that Duggan incurred drink convictions in 2004 and 2008. The court also learned that Duggan works as a landscape gardener and lives in the family home.

He was fined €750 and banned from driving for three years,

Deception charges

Geoffrey Farrell from 22 Corish Park, Wexford was not present at the District Court in Ardcavan to deal with 11 charges of deception or forgery.

Solicitor Tim Cummings referred to medical matters as he successfully applied for an adjournment to the court sitting of June 15.

The charges were brought by Garda Joseph Byrne, alleging a series of offences at the Bank of Ireland branch in Custom House Quay on various dates in March and April.

Found with knife

A Stanley knife for which he could provide no reasonable explanation landed 23 year old Stephen Rossiter before Judge Gerard Haughton last week. The blade came to light during a garda search on the evening of January 20 last year.

The District Court also heard how the same young man was found in an agitated state at Heaton's in South Main Street on the afternoon of August 7 last year. He was bloodied and drunk.

A fine of €100 was handed down for intoxication. The knife was formally forfeited and the judge indicated that he intended to offer Rossiter the opportunity to carry out 100 hours of community service in lieu of five months imprisonment.

He adjourned the case to September 1 for a probation report.

Warrant revoked

CJ Flynn (20) with addresses at 23 Casement Park in Finglas; 30 Melrose court, George Street, Wexford ands 169 Madeira Grove, Enniscorthy was late to court.

He was due to meet a charge alleging theft from Penney's on January 11 was before the District Court last Tuesday. He was further accused of a theft at the cinema car park in Redmond Road. Also outstanding was a drugs possession charge dating back to Greenville Lane in Enniscorthy on September 15, 2013, levelled at him by Garda Denis Murphy.

Solicitor Colette Cullen assured the judge that her client was making efforts to attend but, as there was no sign of him, a warrant was made out by Judge Gerard Haughton for his arrest. However, the warrant was revoked shortly afterwards when the defendant belatedly put in an appearance.

A new address - The Nest, Ballinamona, Blackwater - was entered into the court record before all matters were adjourned to June 15.

Bench warrant

A warrant was made out by Judge Gerard Haughton last Tuesday for the arrest of theft accused Charles Masson (25), with addresses at 95/97 North Main Street in Wexford and 14 Cromwellsfort Road, Dublin 12.

'I have not seen him today,' admitted defending solicitor John O'Donovan, appearing in the District Court on behalf of the man accused of stealing from Shaw's in North Main Street on a couple of dates in October of last year.

Awaiting DPP

No progress was possible in the case of burglary accused Orentas Jaselskis (47) of 1 Moone Avenue, Moone, County Kildare when he made a brief appearance at the District Court in Wexford on Tuesday last. Following proceedings with the help of an interpreter, he learned that instructions were still awaited from the DPP. The alleged burglary and unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle offences occurred at Newtown Road on January 8. The matter was put back to a date in June.

On remand

The lack of a proper address posed problems for 20 year old robbery accused Rory Keenan when his case was mentioned at the District Court in Wexford on Tuesday.

His address was recorded on some of the charge sheets as Court Dale, Butlersland, New Ross but solicitor David Tarrant accepted that his client had no fixed abode.

Charges before the court included allegations of a robbery at Crowdles of Irishtown in New Ross and thefts from both SuperValu and Centra. Keenan was being detained in custody on relatively minor public order matters.

Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner informed Judge Gerard Haughton that the prosecution was waiting for instructions from the DPP. The sergeant accepted that the defendant was in custody on relatively minor charges but successfully applied for a continued remand until May 12.

Handcuffs were placed on the wrists of the young man before he was led away.

Legal aid

Free legal aid was granted to 21 year old drink drive and motor insurance accused Stephen Murphy of 5 Glasganny in Castlebridge. The case, taken by Garda Alan Hayes, dates back to January 31 at Rocklands.

Murphy's solicitor told the District Court that his client was unemployed and living with his mother.

The case was put back to June 15.

Breach of order

A 41 year old man who appeared in the District Court last Tuesday pleaded guilty to a charge he expected would be dropped.

Brian Roche - address given as Blackhorse, Drinagh - admitted breach of a protection order at 14 Redwood Park in Murrintown.

The order was taken out by his wife Teresa in January but gardaí were called to Murrintown on the evening of March 7.

She reported that she had found him there in a drunken state, smashing his head off the fireplace.

Judge Gerard Haughton indicated that he would like to give the injured party the opportunity to give evidence to the court.

He was then shown a letter indicating that the wife wished to drop the charge.

'We were told that the charge would be dropped,' said Brian Roche.

Instead, the case was adjourned to June 15.


Cannabis plants allegedly worth €3,200 were mentioned during a case which stands adjourned from the Wexford District Court sitting of May 5.

Before the court was 21 year old Tomas Petrauskas of 40 Carrigeen Street in Wexford accused of an offence dating back to July 31 last year.

His solicitor Colette Culleton was granted a statements order and Petrauskas was told to return to court on June 15.

UK treatment

No progress was made at the District Court in the case of Colin Roche (37) with addresses at 17 Kennedy Park and 41 Liam Mellows Park.

Outstanding theft, burglary, criminal damage and attempted trespass charges dating back to 2013 and 2014 appeared on the court list.

When the matter was called, solicitor Sean Lowney was present to represent the absent Roche, explaining that the defendant was undergoing treatment in the UK.

He was due to complete the course in Britain in September. In the mean time he was not available to receive a book of evidence related to a charge of theft from Centra on North Main Street in November of 2013.

Judge Gerard Haughton adjourned to October 5.

Walk to barracks

Bail conditions imposed on Christopher Russell (49) of Seaview, Coolree, Barntown were relaxed slightly when he appeared at the District Court in Ardcavan last Tuesday.

He stood charged by Garda Donal Doyle with possession of stolen property at Kate's Farm Shop on March 15 and with driving while uninsured on the same date on the New Line road.

Solicitor Seán Lowney pointed out that Russell faced a long walk each time he went to sign on at the Garda station as required under the terms of his bail.

Judge Gerard Haughton agreed to reduce the signing on condition from three times a week to twice a week and, on that basis, a remand to June 15 was granted.

No show

An arrest warrant was made out by Judge Gerard Haughton after Joseph Walsh (37) failed to show up at the District Court last Tuesday.

He was due to deal with charges alleging possession of an offensive weapon and intoxication in public at the Permanent TSB bank in Cornmarket on April 15.

As there was no sign of him to deal with the prosecution brought by Garda Bridget Doyle, solicitor Caitriona Walsh said she could not resist the application for the warrant.

Shoplift accused

A charge of making gain by deception at the Penney's store in Wexford went unanswered at the District Court last week.

Clobana Muntean, with an address at 137 McDermott Road in Waterford did not put in an appearance to meet the case brought by Garda Richard Murray.

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