Wednesday 16 October 2019

Defendant of limited means 'had money to get drunk' days Judge

AN appellant whom the court was told was a man of limited means, was told by Judge Barry Hickson 'you have plenty of money to get yourself drunk'.

Stephen Duggan, of 10 Windmill Heights, Wexford, was sentenced to six months in prison at Wexford District court on January 29, 2014, when convicted of €400 damage to the door of Boots Chemist, at 54 North Main St., Wexford, on August 13, 2012.

State Solicitor, Kevin O'Dohery, told Wexford Circuit Criminal Court, that at a previous court it was decided that should the appellant write an apology and pay a sum of money to St. Vincent de Paul, the matter would be dealt with through the Probation Services. He said the defendant had twelve previous convictions.

Defence Solicitor, Helen Murphy, said on the occasion the appellant did not enter the premises. She said that the €400 damages had also been paid.

Ms Murphy said her client is addicted to cannabis and is doing his best to deal with it.

Judge Hickson said that in a report provided by the Probation Services, he noted that the appellant understands that he must cease the use of cannabis.

The Judge asked how can he give a community service order if someone is still using cannabis. He moved away from heroin so he should be able to move from cannabis, said Judge Hickson.

Ms Murphy asked for an adjournment to allow her client time to overcome his cannabis problem and the Judge said that if he came back before the court in February next clear of cannabis he would give a community service order.

Mr Murphy said Duggan has also been asked to donate €400 to St. Vincent de Paul, but he is a man of limited means.

Judge Hickson replied that the appellant has plenty of money to get himself drunk.

He said he would adjourn the matter to February next to see if he can apply a community service order.

Wexford People