Saturday 21 September 2019

District Court round-up

Man accused of assaulting 'ex'

A man accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and her father had his case adjourned when the matter came before Wexford District Court on January 19.

Daryl Hunt (24), of 143 Cluain Dara, Wexford, is accused of burglary, assault, and assault causing harm at a house at Ivy Mews, Cromwellsfort, on May 25 last.

Sergeant Gary Rayner told the court it's alleged that Hunt went to the home of his ex-girlfriend while she and her two-year-old child were sleeping that night.

It is said that he broke in through the back door, went upstairs, and dragged her by the hair across the landing. It is further alleged that he also assaulted her father after she called him to come to the house.

Judge Gerard Haughton accepted jurisdiction and put the matter back to February 2, when Hunt is also due to face other matters in court.

Drugs test would not be clear

A young man who came before Wexford District Court for a drugs offence committed last year admitted to Judge Gerard Haughton that a test would not show up clear if one was carried out that day.

Nicky Murphy (21), of 33 Lower John Street, was in court on Monday January 19 for having €100 of cannabis at Carrick Lawn, Coolcotts, on February 5 last.

His solicitor, Colette Culleton, said he was pleading guilty, that it was a first offence, and that he had not come to the attention of Gardai in the meantime. She asked Judge Gerard Haughton to consider applying the Probation Act in those circumstances.

Judge Haughton first asked the defendant: 'if you were to do a test today, would it be clear?'

The defendant replied: 'no'.

The Judge then handed down a conviction and a €100 fine.

Nobody there to take his money

A man who was ordered at a previous sitting of Wexford District Court to make a €150 donation to the Cornmarket Project for a drugs offence told Judge Gerard Haughton on Monday January 19 that he had tried four times to pay up, without success.

Stuart Williams, Seaview Cottage, Forth Mountain, said he had gone to the Cornmarket premises four times over the Christmas period, but there nobody there on any of those occasions.

Asked if he had the money on him in court, he said he did not realise he could pay there, as he thought he had to deliver it in person to the Cornmarket.

Judge Haughton adjourned to February 16 to allow him bring money to court. 'I'll do that. It's easier that way,' replied the defendant.

Williams had been found with drugs at his home address on August 26, 2013.

Threat to blow up petrol station

A man who threatened to blow up a petrol station on the outskirts of New Ross had his case further adjourned when it returned before Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20.

Evidence of the actions of Karol Trawicki (24), of Ballybrahee, Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny, at the Topaz filling station on The Quay had been given at an earlier sitting, where solicitor Eric Furlong said they were partly explained by how the defendant had just been put onto different medication at the time, which 'did not agree with him'.

Medical evidence of this was due to be produced but the documents before the court did not address this particular issue.

The matter was therefore further put back, this time to February 10, to allow doctors be consulted again.


A man facing 21 summonses relating to theft and forgery offences is continuing to do his best to pay all compensation due, Wexford District Court heard on Monday January 19.

Stephen O'Reilly (23), of 63 Ashfield Drive, faces counts of theft from an address at Ballymitty and others of forgery at the Pettitt's supermarket at St Aidan's in Wexford, all dating from the period of February to April 2012.

Solicitor Timothy Cummings told the court that O'Reilly had another €100 with him that day, and is doing his best 'in quite difficult circumstances'. He now had the possibility of work at a local factory and this might help him to gather up the money still due.

The case was adjourned to March 16, with allowance for O'Reilly to be excused if he is working that day.

Driving too fast

A young motorist was followed by a Garda car as he hit speeds of over 100 km/h on town streets that had limits of just 50 and 60 km/h, Wexford District Court heard on Monday January 19.

Before the court was Dean Hammond (23), of 13 John Paul Park. He was first charged with dangerous driving at William Street on July 17 last, but the prosecution agreed to accept a 'guilty' plea to the lesser charge of careless driving instead.

Sergeant Gary Rayner told how Hammond's car was followed by Garda Declan Dennehy on the date in question, and how Garda Dennehy noted the excessive speeds.

Defending solicitor Timothy Cummings said he client had been going through a difficult time around then, 'and perhaps was not thinking straight'. He handed in a medical report which he said showed 'extenuating circumstances', and added that Hammond was never in trouble before and was unlikely to ever be in trouble again.

Judge Gerard Haughton handed down a fie of €400.

Facing eviction

A mother of two is facing eviction from her council house following proceedings brought at Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20.

Officials of Wexford County Council told Judge John Coughlan that Mary Murphy, of 12 Irishtown Heights, New Ross, has rent arrears of more than €3,000 in respect of her weekly rent of €73. The court was informed that several meetings have been held with her with regard to payment of the arrears and several agreements were made, but all were subsequently broken.

Judge Coughlan granted an order for possession. There was no stay applied, meaning it comes into force immediately. Ms Murphy was not present in court.

Curfew imposed

A curfew obliging him to stay at home between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. each day was added to the bail conditions of a Rosslare man when he appeared before Wexford District Court on Monday January 19.

Brian Murphy (34), 4 Bearlough Villas, is accused of having €280 worth of stolen property at his home on January 7 last. Solicitor Timothy Cummings successfully applied for Free Legal Aid and for a Garry Doyle order for statements, before Sergeant Gary Rayner asked for the curfew. Mr Cummings said his client had 'no issue' with that. The matter is to return to court on March 16.

Drugs charges

A young man found with €400 of cannabis herb pleaded guilty in court to having the drugs, but not guilty to having them for sale or supply to others.

Before Judge Gerard Haughton on Monday January 19 was James Byrne (24), Sunset View, Maudlintown, Wellingtonbridge. The court heard that the drugs were found when a vehicle he was travelling in was searched at Ballyhackbeg, St Leonards, on April 17 last.

The case was put back to June 2 for hearing.

Three-year ban

A three-year ban from driving and a €300 fine were handed down at Wexford District Court on Monday January 19 to a man found guilty of drink driving as a result of a traffic accident.

The court heard that Garda Gary Lynch attended the scene of a crash at Ballyregan, Castlebridge, on May 2 last year. He spoke to driver Rolandas Judis (29), of Fairyhill House, Castlebridge, and noticed a smell of alcohol from him. He arrested him and brought him to Wexford Garda Station, where a breath sample was found to have a reading of 76/100.

The defendant apologised for the offence. He said he has since had treatment for a drinking problem, and is now fully sober.

Bench warrant

A bench warrant was issued at Wexford District Court on Monday January 19 for the arrest of Darren Sinnott (24), 7 St Mary's Terrace, Carrick on Bannow. He had failed to appear to meet a count of possession of drugs at John Street in Wexford on July 5 last.


Proceedings were withdrawn at Wexford Court on Tuesday January 20 against a Polish man who had been charged with committing public order offences in New Ross.

Rafal Janowski (33), of 28 Rosbercon Court, stood accused of being intoxicated in public and engaging in threatening or abusive behaviour at Priory Lane in the town on April 30 last, but the case was struck out at the request of Sergeant Niall Brophy.

Fourteen charges

A man facing 14 separate charges failed to appear in Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20 and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

David Malone, 3 Evans Court, New Ross, is accused of motoring offences, criminal damage, possession of drugs and obstruction of Garda in the course of their duty, on various dates between March and September, 2013.

No seat belt

Not wearing a seat belt while a passenger in a van resulted in a €180 fine for John Murphy (31), 6 Bawnmore Terrace, New Ross. The offence was committed at Knockavilla, New Ross, on April 29 last.

Fined €300

Laura Dempsey, of 26 Maiden Lane, New Ross, was fined €300 for not having a valid tax disc displayed on her car at Ard Alainn in the town on April 29 last. She was not present in court when the matter was dealt with on Tuesday January 20.

Four-year ban

Antoinette Ronan (45), with addresses at Michael Street in New Ross and Ballinacoola, Craanford, has been banned from driving for four years for driving without insurance at Rosbercon in New Ross on March 4 last.

She was not present in Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20 to hear Garda Derek Campion give evidence of detecting the offence.

He also informed the court that she already had five convictions, including a previous for no insurance.

Judge John Coughlan handed down a €500 fine as well as the ban.

€100 donation

A €100 donation to New Ross River Rescue saw proceedings against a New Ross teenager struck out when he came before Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20.

Gary Malone (19), 3 Evans Court, Neville Street, had pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in Ballinaboola on February 1 last year.

His solicitor, Sean Lowney, said he was very apologetic for his behaviour.

Judge John Coughlan elected to deal with it by way of a charitable contribution, as it was a first offence. 'Now keep out of trouble. You've been given a chance,' he advised the young defendant.

Assault charges

Two teenagers are facing charges of assault causing harm following disturbances at North Street in New Ross in December 2013.

When the matters were called in Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20, Judge John Coughlan heard that Kieran Doyle (18), of Ballygalvert, Ballywilliam, is pleading guilty to the charge, but Thomas Stephens (18), from 85 Mount Carmel in New Ross, is contesting it.

The cases were put back to be dealt with together on March 10.

Scrap metal

A Wexford man came before the District Court on two counts of attempted larceny in connection with efforts to take scrap metal and copper wire.

Johnny Connors (22), of 18 Ferndale Terrace, is accused of committing the offences at Ballywitch, Kilrane, in July 2011.

The court heard that the amounts of materials involved were €500 of copper wire and €300 of other metals.

The case was put back to February 16. Solicitor Lana Doherty was assigned under the Free Legal Aid scheme.

Illegal workers

Dilshad Ahmad, the owner of the Kebabish & Pizza Bar takeaway in Ballywilliam, was before Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20 for having staff illegally employed there.

The court heard that one person was found illegally working there in March 2013, while there two illegal members of staff at the time of another inspection the following October.

The court further heard that Ahmad was himself in Pakistan on both occasions, to visit his sick mother. There were no previous convictions.

Judge John Coughlan handed down a fine of €1,333 - based on a Supreme Court recommendation that one-third of the maximum fine of €4,000 be imposed in such cases for a first offence.

Fined €500

40-year-old Elizabeth Connors, from Hospital Road, Southknock, New Ross, was fined €500 at Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20 for not having insurance while driving at Ballygergin, New Ross, on April 14 last.

Solicitor Eric Furlong said she had subsequently taken out a policy for the vehicle in question, some six weeks later. He suggested she was not covered at the time she was stopped by Gardai due to financial reasons.

Connors was not present in court as she was attending a funeral.

No seat belt

Margaret Connors (19), of Tinneranny, Rosbercon, New Ross, was fined €100 for not wearing a seat belt while a passenger in a vehicle at North Quay in New Ross on May 7 last.

Off the road

A car that he drove without a valid tax disc displayed is now off the road, a defendant told Judge John Coughlan at Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20.

James Doherty (46), of Listerin, Tullogher, New Ross, was before the court in connection with the offence detected at O'Hanrahan Bridge in New Ross on May 7 last.

The Judge said he would strike out the summons if a €50 donation was made to New Ross River Rescue.

Bad Christmas

A man from Hook Head had a bad start to Christmas Day as he was in New Ross Garda Station on suspicion of drink driving, Judge John Coughlan heard at Wexford District Court on Tuesday January 20.

Craig Power (34), from Slade, was stopped by Garda Deirdre Callinan while driving at Galgystown, Fethard on Sea, as December 24 drew to a close.

Garda Callinan told how she arrested him and brought him to the Garda Station, where he was charged in the early hours of December 25.

A fresh charge sheet relating to an alleged offence of driving without insurance was also put before the court, and both matters were adjourned to February 17.

Now drug-free

A young Ballyhogue man who had €50 of cannabis in New Ross last May is now drugs-free, Wexford District Court heard on Tuesday January 20.

Before the court was 21-year-old Adam Kearns. His solicitor said he had no previous convictions and that tests prove he is no longer using drugs.

Judge John Coughlan said in those circumstances, he would strike out the matter if a €100 donation was made to New Ross River Rescue.

The money was immediately produced in court and Kearns left with an unblemished record.

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