Sunday 19 November 2017

German prankster tossed lifebuoy off Wexford Bridge

A life buoy on Wexford Bridge.
A life buoy on Wexford Bridge.

A prankster who took a lifebuoy from Wexford Bridge and tossed it into the Slaney did not amuse Judge Gerard Haughton with his antics.

Daniel Eichorn of 53639 Konigswintr, Eudenback Elbingstr 7, Germany came before Wexford District Court to admit stealing the lifebuoy on March 12.

He was spotted removing the lifesaving ring, valued at €100, by members of the Wexford Marine Watch patrol who were on duty in the early hours of a Saturday morning

Through an interpreter, a sober Eichorn described what happened as a very silly idea and the court was told that he and his companion were drunk at the time.

They were due to return to Germany on March 19.

The judge allowed the benefit of the Probation Act after station bail money of €200 was retained as a donation to the RNLI lifeboat service.

However, he reminded the defendant that what occurred was a criminal offence: 'It is not funny. It is putting people's lives at risk.'

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