Monday 22 January 2018

Judge throws out speeding summonses

A series of speeding summonses issued to the registered owner of a car which broke the limit three times in Cleariestown was dismissed in court after her daughter gave evidence to Judge Gerard Haughton.

Maureen White from Clonmines in Wellingtonbridge gave evidence at a previous sitting that she was not aware of proceedings until the summonses were issued.

When the matter, relating to a couple of offences on July 11 last and one on June 24, was re-visited at the sitting of May 16, the accused brought her daughter Debbie Colfer to give evidence.

Ms Colfer accepted that she might have been driving on the dates in question.

She said that there was some confusion over addresses and that she had received the notices of fines issued in the post.

She was the one who rang the fines office in Tipperary but she took no further action and the matter went to court after summonses were issued to her mother.

On the day Ms White first attended court, the younger woman was in hospital having a baby.

'I did not want to get my mother in trouble,' Debbie Colfer insisted in the witness box. 'It slipped my mind to tell her.'

The judge accepted that post had been mis-delivered and dismissed the summonses.

Wexford People

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