Monday 23 October 2017

Kilmore man insists he never held an Irish driving licence

A man who told Judge Gerard Haughton he never had an Irish driving licence prompted enquiries into his driving history at Wexford District Court.

Applying to the court for the early return of his right to drive was Jason McLaughlin (49) with an address at 35 Crossfarnogue Villas, Kilmore Quay.

He confirmed in the witness box that he was put off the road for three years in September of 2013.

He explained that he was the carer for his 88 year old mother, who was not good on her legs and that was why he wanted the right to drive.

He said he had an English licence and that he had handed it in to the motor tax office.

Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner asked for time to look into the application as he had an Irish 'driver number' for McLaughlin, which indicated that he had been granted a licence in this country.

When the matter was re-called, Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner had a copy of the relevant Irish licence details ready to hand up to the judge.

The judge noted that the date of birth in 1967 and the address in Kilmore matched that of the applicant.

Moreover it appeared that the holder of this licence had been disqualified from driving.

McLaughlin continued to insist that he was never the holder of an Irish licence and had never even applied for one as the matter was adjourned to March 15.

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