Sunday 22 September 2019

Never renewed driving licence he got 40 years ago

A man who came before Wexford District Court for two speeding offences ended up revealing he had never renewed his driving licence since first getting one some 40 years ago.

In court on Tuesday January 6 was John Dolan, Thrushes West, Milltown, Tagoat, accused of speeding at Ramsgrange on June 7 last and at Piercestown on June 18. He said he had gone to the Post Office to pay the on-the-spot fines issued, but they wouldn't accept it, 'because I had no licence with me'. He said he also tried to pay at the Garda Station, but they wouldn't take money either.

Questioned by Judge Gerard Haugthon about the status of his licence, he revealed that he had never renewed it since he first got it, 'about 40 years ago'.

'Nobody ever asked me to, so I never did,' he said.

Judge Haughton advised him to get details of the licence he used to hold, and to apply for a new one, saying he would have to be disqualified from driving if there was no licence to apply penalty points to. He then adjourned to February 3 to allow Dolan make these inquiries.

Wexford People