Monday 23 October 2017

Sad death of Stephen at the age of 29

Sympathy was extended to the family of Stephen Earle at Wexford Coroner's Court last week

The body of 29-year-old Stephen was found on July 6 2015 at his home in Monart, Enniscorthy.

Edward Earle Senior said that his son Stephen came home after 10 p.m. after being out with friends. He spoke with him for a few minutes before Stephen went to bed.

Stephen's brother Declan Earle said that he lives in a house beside the family home with his girlfriend.

The couple had been out on the night of July 5, and when they arrived home, the spare key to their house was in the front door which he said was unusual. The door was unlocked but shut.

The following day, Declan observed that Stephen's truck was still in the yard but thought that he must have had the day off from work. He texted Stephen and also texted his brother Freddie, as well as Gary who works with Stephen. Neither had heard from their brother.

In his statement, Edward Earle Jr said that he had heard Stephen return home on the night of July 5. He got up early to go to work in Dublin the following day. When he returned home that evening, he discovered his brother's body.

Dr Robert Landers said the postmortem showed severe chest trauma and a high level of alcohol in the blood.

County coroner Dr Sean Nixon recommended the jury return a verdict of death by suicide.

Sympathy was extended to the Earle family on their tragic loss.

Sad death of Stephen at the age of 29

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