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Wexford District Court briefs

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Many charges

Nine dangerous driving charges and eight alleging failure to stop for gardaí were on the list at the District Court against Catherine Forde (23) of Ballaghblake in Curracloe on May 19.

She was also accused of having no insurance, of being intoxicated at the wheel and of having illicit drugs, with all charges dating back to May 17 last year in Waterford.

Discussions between Garda Superintendent John McDonald and defending solicitor Tim Cummings whittled down the list somewhat.

At the end of this process, pleas of guilty were entered on four counts of failure to stop and four of dangerous driving, while she also admitted drink driving.

The issue of whether or not she was insured was left for consideration on July 14 when a probation report on the accused should be ready.

Drugs denied

A drugs possession charge against David Burke (26) of 15 Michael J Sinnott Crive in Castlebridge was adjourned for hearing on September 8. The alleged offence dated back to May 17 last year, detected at the garda station in Wexford. A not guilty plea was indicated.

Shoe missile

Solicitor Tim Cummings was assigned on legal aid to the case of assault accused Philip Donnelly (21). His address was given in court documents as Orchard Road, Kilincooley, Kilmuckridge but Mr Cummings stated that his client now resides at 29 Seaview Court, also in Kilmuckridge.

The defendant stood charged with assault causing harm at Redmond Place in Wexford on April 20 last year.

Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner outlined the prosecution case alleging that Donnelly took a show from a female at 1 a.m. on the morning in question. She gave chase only for the accused to throw the shoe at her, allegedly causing damage to a tooth after it hit her in the face. The matter was put back to July 6.

At the request of Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner it was made a condition of bail that Donnelly must stay away from the injured party. Mr Cummings assured the judge that such contact was not an issue.


Mark Redmond (42) from Duncormick was named on a warrant issued for his arrest by Judge Gerard Haughton on May 18. He was accused of driving without valid insurance at Baldwinstown on October 1 last by Garda Edward Daly. He failed to appear in court to meet the charge.

Iron bar

A young man who produced an iron bar to hit the façade of a neighbour's house was before Judge Gerard Haughton on May 18. Jason Walsh admitted criminal damage to the tune of €148 at 19 King Street on June 29 last year.

His address was given in court papers as 48 King Street but the judge was informed he now resides at 29 Cross Street with his father.

He offered €80 compensation and an admission that he had been drinking on the day in question and had very little recollection of what occurred.

The case stands adjourned to June 15 to allow him complete payment of compensation.

Bench warrant

A bench warrant for the arrest of Matthew Keogh (31) of 21 Rockview Court, The Faythe was made out on May 18. He failed to attend the District Court sitting in Ardcavan to meet two theft charges dating from April 9 last year at 11 Abbey Court

Stole vodka

A man who helped himself to a large bottle of vodka from behind the bar at Chocolate Bar in Wexford was brought before the District Court.

CCTV was used to identify the culprit as Ivan Hendy (30) of 6 Beachside Mews, Riverchapel. The theft dated back to February of last year.

The court learned that Hendy had 106 previous convictions and he was due for release from a sentence already under way at Wheatfield Prison on September 26.

Judge Gerard Haughton recorded a conviction for the Chocolate vodka offence and marked a two month sentence, concurrent.

No threat

A letter about reclaiming some of his property did not amount to a breach of a safety order, Judge Gerard Haughton ruled.

He was dealing with a complaint by Sandra Kelly of 7 Seaview Avenue against 40 year old David Gardiner of Shelmalier Commons.

Ms. Kelly felt that, under the terms of the order, contact should be made only through solicitors.

She told the court that she and the defendant are joint owners of a house at 39 Evergreen Way, which is rented out.

She stated that Gardiner had smashed a window on a previous occasion and that she lives in fear of the man.

'He thinks he is above the law,' she commented.

The judge responded that all the letter did was dispute property rights.

'It may be upsetting but it is not a threat of violence,' he concluded, dismissing the charge of breach of the order.

Arrest order

A bench warrant was issued by Judge Gerard Haughton after a defendant accused of a motoring offence failed to appear at the District Court sitting of May 18 in Ardcavan. There was no sign of Mark Redmond (42) from Duncormick accused of driving without valid insurance at Baldwinstown on October 1 last.

Pulled into car

The aggressive behaviour of a 30 year old man towards a woman was reviewed at the District Court.

Max Keith with an address of Apartment 2, 3 Parnell Street in Wexford was given a six month suspended sentence.

He was convicted of breaching the court's barring order which was in force at 14 The Grove on November 22 last year

The order had been obtained by Karen Lawlor and Garda John Hubbart investigated what occurred on that date.

It emerged that Keith arrived in The Grove on that date and pulled Ms Lawlor into his car, threatening that both of them would be killed if he crashed the vehicle.

She escaped but he hauled her back and she was eventually rescued by her brother.

Defending solicitor Nigel Allen stated that his client was now reconciled with the complainant and they were now living together.


An arrest warrant was made out on May 18 after Martin Connors (23) of 50 Belvedere Grove, Coolcotts in Wexford did not come to the District Court as scheduled. He was due in court to deal with an allegation of theft from Kerlogue Motors on September 14 last. Co-accused Gerard Connors of 11 Elm Park, Coolcotts was represented by a solicitor who was granted an adjournment to July 7.

It was alleged by the prosecuting that Gerard Connors was discovered attempting to remove a generator worth €500 on the date in question. The property was recovered.

In Cork

Kenneth Stafford (33)of 9 Pierce's Court in Wexford but said to be residing and working in Cork.

It was alleged that he had assaulted his 14 year old daughter at Tullibards in Bridgetown on April 18 last year.

The matter was adjourned to July 20.

Shop thefts

Four premises along Wexford's Main Street featured in a shoplifting spree by Shane O'Neill, address given as Ozanam House, but now living at 95 Charleton Hill in New Ross.

He took in Sports Savers, Evolution, Tabi Clothes and Shaw's, all on August 17 last year.

He told Judge Gerard Haughton he could not afford a solicitor and that he was in financial difficulty at the time of the offences.

However, the 31 year old also informed the court that he now had part time work at €10 an hour.

'I am clean from all drugs,' he stated, recalling that in the past he had ended up homeless and in financial difficulties.

He was given a five month suspended sentence for shoplifting.

Lagoon licence

Restaurant manager Diane Goff attended the District Court to give evidence in support of the application for a drinks licence at The Lagoon in Airdownes, Broadway, near Lady's Island.

She gave her evidence confirming that full relevant training of four staff had been put in place.

She indicated that she had experience of the licensing laws as owner of a Centra supermarket.

The judge, who was shown a sample menu, also heard testimony from Joe Fox of Mahon Fox architect.

He went into the witness box to confirm that the premises has a full commercial kitchen and CCTV. The application was granted.

Long record

A record of 485 previous convictions was on the record against public order accused Jennifer Armstrong of no fixed abode.

The 39 year old was not present in court to hear Garda Barry Brennan recall how he came across Ms Armstrong in Wexford's Bullring. She was highly intoxicated and incoherent.

Judge Gerard Haughton turned down the prosecution application for an arrest warrant, preferring to go ahead and impose conviction 486, for public drunkenness. He felt that there was no point putting the State to the expense of finding the missing woman.

Drug find

Ann Marie Connors (33) from 8 Walnut Grove, Wexford met Garda Kevin Byrne's drugs possession charge at the District Court

It was accepted that €50 worth of cannabis resin was found at her home on October 1 last when gardaí arrived with a search warrant.

The defendant, lone mother of an 11 year old chjild, was fined €100.


The case of Jason Duggan (22), Apartment 2, Emill Heights, Glenbrook, Wexford was before the District Court. He was accused of breaching an order which was in place at 1 Newtown Court, Newlands, Wexford on October 19 last and again on January 9.

Sergeant Gary Rayner told Judge Gerard Haughton that the injured party had contacted the gardaí indicating her wish to withdraw her complaint. However, the judge decided it would be best to adjourn to June 15.

Public order

Director of Public Prosecutions instructions were not available at the District Court in a public order case.

Before the court was Rory Lonican (26), address given as Oznam House in Wexford.

He stood accused of threatening/abusive behaviour alleged by Garda Alan Collins at Cornmarket on February 27.

The matter was adjourned to July 6.

Road rage

Denis Walsh (21) of Pine Grove, Coolree admitted dangerous driving on the night of December 4, 2013.

Gardaí who followed him from their first sighting of Walsh's car at Ashfield saw him travel away from them at speed.

The defendant went past a couple of stop signs without slowing down before eventually leaving the vehicle at Shelmalier Commons.

A second incident took place in the early hours of June 2 last year, once more with a starting point at Ashford.

On this occasion he broke a red light before the front tyre on his car burst and he was arrested in a confused and dazed state.

A quantity of the drug Zanex was discovered in the stricken car, as well as a knife which was under a seat.

The father of two young children has undergone a considerable change of attitude since, solicitor Eric Furlong told the District Court on May 18.

The conduct described was unacceptable, Mr Furlong readily acknowledged.

An adjournment to July 6 was granted with a warning to the defendant that he must behave himself in the mean time.

'If he steps out of line I will throw the book at him,' Judge Gerard Haughton warned Mr Furlong.

Arm injury

Violent disorder accused Tiernan Mchale (19) of Reedstown, Tacumshane missed a probation appointment because he was undergoing an operation, he told Judge Gerard Haughton.

He attende the sitting of the District Court in Ardcavan last week to deal with a charge dating back to Hotel Rosslare on February 24 last year.

He recalled that he had stayed at the Aislinn treatment centre for a short while but was asked to leave the place.

The defendant, who wore a sling on his left arm, accepted that he missed the probation appointment.

He said this was because he was receiving plastic surgery on the arm in St Vincent's Hospital at the time.

The judge, with reluctance, offered McHale one last chance to cooperate with the probation service, adjourning to July 20.

In absentia

The case against a defendant reported to have left the country will go ahead in October, his solicitor was told.

Eadaoin Lawlor represented the absent Mario Stoica (22), address given as 21 Windmill Hills, Belvedere Road in Wexford.

He was due in court to deal with charges of possessing stolen property and of theft, dating back to June and September of last year.

Ms Lawlor said she had received a message to the effect that Stoica was out of the jurisdiction and she had no idea when he would return.

Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner moved to apply for an arrest warrant but Judge Gerard Haughton preferred to put the case in for hearing on October 19.

Order ok

Motor insurance offender Mataeusz Mscisz (22) from 60 Cromwellsfort, Mulgannon, Wexford was found to be a suitable candidate for community service.

Judge Gerard Haughton ordered him to carry out 120 hours of work in lieu of five months in prison.

Mscisz was on the road without valid cover on July 16 back in 2013.

Drink driver

Stacey Stafford (27) of 27 Millhaven in Castlebridge produced evidence that she was insured to drive on April 26 last year.

But she had no defence to offer to the charge that she was over the legal limit for alcohol on the same occasion.

She was pulled up by gardaí at 1.20 a.m. in Hill Street when she was spotted trying to squeeze her car into a space which was too small.

She had personal problems at the time, solicitor Siobhan Dunne told the District Court.

Ms Dunne's client was fined the sum of €400 and put off the road for three years with the disqualification postponed to take effect from September 1.

Compo progress

Half the compensation due to be paid by burglar Thomas Travers (31) from Ballindinag Hill in Barntown has been produced, the District Court was told.

The offence was committed at Mount Cross Cottage, Churchlands, Barntown on April, 2 in 2013. Travers assured the judge he would have the rest of the money ready by the court sitting of July 6.

Drive ban

Uninsured driver Patrick Walsh from 2 Pine Grove, Forth Mountain. He was on the road without cover at Coolree on December 4, 2013 and again at Forth Commons on January 23 last year. The judge had the assistance of a probation report before he handed down a five month suspended sentence and banned Walsh from driving for four years.


Shoplifting accused Bill Moorehouse of 21 Melrose Park in Wexford was at the District Court last week. The defendant accepted that he was responsible for a theft from Tesco on December 10 and a probation report was available to Judge Gerard Haughton.

However, a new matter was raised in court where it was stated that the defendant removed a jacket from the Jean Depot without making full payment back in 2013.

All matters stand adjourned to September 21.

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