Tuesday 20 August 2019

Woman claimed three vehicles had same registration

A woman accused of a speeding offence told Wexford District Court that it wasn't her who was clocked over the limit and that she has seen two other vehicles driving around with the same registration number as hers.

Summoned to court on March 3 as the registered owner of vehicle 02 D 905 was Margaret Doran, Ballynamona, The Ballagh. The court heard that the car was detected travelling at 93 km/h in an 80 km/h zone at Ballymartin, Castlebridge, on September 7 last.

Doran said it could not have been her car as there was a problem with it at the time which meant it would have been incapable of that speed. She then claimed there is another car in the area with the same registration number, and that she has seen it several times, including just a few days before the alleged speeding offence.

Sergeant Charles O'Gorman acknowledged that Doran had appealed the original penalty notice on those grounds. He said an investigation was carried out, but nothing unusual was discovered.

Doran nevertheless again insisted that a second car shares her car's registration number, and then also claimed that she has also seen a four-wheel-drive vehicle with the same plates.

'So now you're saying there are three vehicles with the same plates?' asked Sgt. O'Gorman.

'Yes,' replied the defendant.

Judge Gerard Haughton told Doran he did not find her evidence at all credible, and he was convicting her of the offence.

'Brilliant,' she replied.

A €200 fine was imposed.

Wexford People