Friday 20 September 2019

Young man faces jail if he returns to grandparents' house

A young man has been warned he will be jailed for sixteen months if he returns to he home he used to share with his grandparents.

Peter Winters (22), who caused trouble at the house at Castleview, Mulrankin, Bridgetown, on both January 3 and 4 had the warning issued by Judge Gerard Haughton when he was brought before Gorey District Court on Thursday January 8. He had already spent three nights in custody, following a remand that was imposed when he came before Wexford Court earlier that week.

He is facing counts of breaching court protection and/or safety orders that were previously granted to his grandmother. The court heard that on January 3, he came home at 7 a.m. in an agitated state, punched a mirror, and acted threateningly towards his 77-year-old grandfather, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease.

The following day, he made numerous requests of his grandmother to drop other proceedings against him, and also made several threats to kill himself, upsetting her greatly. He locked himself into the bathroom when Gardai arrived and it took some time to talk him out.

Defending solicitor, Lana Doherty, said the three nights her client had spent in custody were 'a real eye-opener' for him and had in fact terrified him. He had been kept in the psychiatric wing and did not wish to return there. He would give an undertaking to stay away from his grandparents' house and also do anything else required of him by the court.

Ms Doherty added that her client was diagnosed with manic depression when he was just 18. He had been using cannabis for some time and this had an effect on his medication. He also suffers from panic attacks.

Judge Gerard Haugthon agreed to now grant bail on the strict condition that Winters stays away from his grandparents. 'If he doesn't abide by that or offends again, I'll give him two consecutive sentences of eight months each. These are serious offences,' he warned.

'Protection, barring, and safety orders are of no use if people don't abide by them,' he added. 'They are there to protect vulnearble people - in this case, elderly grandparents'.

Winters is due back in court in Wexford on February 2.

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