Friday 24 November 2017

Crash left driver with €3,000 bill

A MOTOR INSURANCE prosecution was taken against David Flynn of Ballysillagh in Ballymurn after he was involved in an accident on a country road that left another motorist with a €3,000 repair bill. The collision occurred at Featherbed Lane on March 31 last year and it emerged later that the defendant was not covered.

Solicitor Nigel Allen said his 19-yearold client had been repairing a car he had bought when he decided to bring it out on to a little used road. Flynn was a named driver on his mother's policy but cover did not extend to the vehicle involved in the collision.

The court learned that the young man lived with his mother and that he left school after sitting his Junior Cert. It was Garda Inspector Pat Cody who told the court that the repair bill came to €3,000 and that the Motor Insurance Bureau picked up the tab.

Judge Gerard Haughton pointed out that this payout was funded through a levy on all motorists who paid their premiums. David Flynn was fined €400 and banned from driving for four years after the court took account of the fact that the defendant had a previous motor insurance conviction imposed in the Circuit Court last year.

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