Saturday 20 January 2018

'Crime watch' gets amazing response

By David tucker

The new neighbourhood crime watch page.
The new neighbourhood crime watch page.

A MURRINTOWN woman who started a Facebook page to draw attention to what she says is often an officially undisclosed level of crime in County Wexford says she has been amazed at the response.

Tricia Lacey, from Murrintown, says 900 people had become members of her 'Wexford Neighbourhood Crime Watch' in the first two days after she set it up.

Reports posted on the page vary from someone losing a wallet to tools and a Jeep being stolen.

'I am concerned about the level of crime in the county, a lot of it you get to hear about yourself, but you don't see it being made public,' said the mother of one.

'I just want to make people aware of what's going on out, and to urge them to report what they see to the guards. The more awareness there is of what's happening, the better we will be prepared.'

Please share this page with family and friends to get it out there, and if you see anything Suspicious in your area report to the Garda post it on here to let other people know as neighbours can look out for each other.

'We have made a great difference in only a few hours on this page, thanks to everyone that have added family and friends to the page.. keep up the good work everyone and let the people of wexford see that we can make a difference and stick together on bringing down crime on our streets and in our homes,' said Tricia.

'The gardaí cannot fight crime alone without the support and cooperation of the community. Everybody has a role to play in attempting to prevent and reduce crime. I would encourage all members of the community to actively consider how they can contribute to this goal.'

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