Saturday 16 December 2017

Daffodil Day to stay in Wexford despite boycott

By Amy Lewis

Daffodil Day.
Daffodil Day.

The Daffodil Day fundraiser for The Irish Cancer Society will continue in Wexford on March 11, despite a boycott announced by the Wexford town committee in recent weeks.

Last month, the Wexford committee pulled out of the popular fundraiser due to concerns over high salaries received by members of the Irish Cancer Society. In a statement, they said that they 'cannot justify' asking people to donate to a cause that pays such high salaries.

However, their move has not deterred other groups from taking part in the popular fundraiser. According to Carmel Lonergan from Rosslare Harbour, she will be getting involved in the event along with over 20 residents in her locality.

'We have been doing it for about 20 years and will continue to do so,' she said. 'We have a whole core of people here who will be taking part, including members of the local ICA.'

When asked what Carmel thought of the boycott by the Wexford town committee, she said that it was 'their decision'. However, from her own point of view, she feels the Irish Cancer Society need fundraisers in order to continue their work.

'People saw the pay figures and jumped on it,' she said. 'I'm not condoning that (the salaries), I don't think it should be so much, but I do feel their work needs to continue.'

'So many families are affected by cancer. If the work of the Cancer Society does not continue it will cause much more damage than two or three people getting a large salary.'

According to Carmel, the majority of their own committee agreed to take part in the fundraiser once they looked into the salary figures on the Irish Cancer Society website.

'When i looked it up and saw the breakdown, 90 per cent of our volunteers agreed to keep it up,' said Carmel, who said she has been taking part in Daffodil Day for 'at least 20 years'.

'Fundraising is so important in order to allow them to continue their research. For people with cancer, that research is huge so it's really important that work doesn't stop,' she continued. 'Fundraising has worked in the past and people are very generous. The society wouldn't be able to rely on government funding alone if that was to stop.'

The Rosslare committee are one of several groups in Wexford who will be taking part in the event, according to the Irish Cancer Society. A statement from the organisation read:

'We are saddened that some of our volunteers in Wexford have decided to not to participate in Daffodil Day this year. We value the contribution they have made over the years and respect their decision to step down. We thank them for their work over the years.

Thankfully we have extremely dedicated volunteers all over the country, so far this year we have more people signed up to volunteer on Daffodil Day than this time last year, many of these volunteers are based in Wexford - so Daffodil Day will happen throughout Wexford as usual.'

In its 29 years, Daffodil Day has raised €63.6 mn nationwide.

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