Sunday 19 November 2017

Danger of roaming dogs highlighted

Esther Hayden

Sheep killed by roaming dogs
Sheep killed by roaming dogs

The dangers of roaming dogs was highlighted at the monthly borough meeting.

Cllr Frank Staples called on the members to support the recently introduced legislation making micro chipping of dogs compulsory. He said the legislation had been introduced to highlight the problem of dog control in both rural and urban areas.

Cllr Staples said that last year 3,500 dogs had been put down in Ireland adding if they were micro chipped they would know who owned the dog. He said it was essential in rural areas and spoke of a farmer who found 10 sheep wounded and killed by roaming dogs and a further 59 sheep found smothered in a gully as they tried to escape.

'Incidents like that are very distressing for a farmer', he said.

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