Sunday 18 March 2018

Dangerous driver had no insurance


A MAN who was seen by a garda and two civilian witnesses driving at speed on a waterlogged road, was fined a total of €1,600 and banned from driving for a year by Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla at Wexford District Court.

Noel Kehoe, 18 Cois Mara, Rosetown, Rosslare, was convicted of dangerous driving at The Burrow, Rosslare, and driving an untaxed and uninsured car on August 31, 2009.

Margaret Ann O'Donoghue told the court that she and her mother went for a walk on the Burrow Road after a heavy fall of rain. There was a lot of surface water on the ground.

A silver Audi came up very fast around the corner and both of them had to get up on the grass verge. She put her hand up to indicate to the driver to slow down but he didn't. After he passed, she noticed he did brake, but it was in order to turn right into a laneway.

Sergeant John O'Carroll said he was coming out of the Haven and noticed the defendant driving. He followed him along the road as he suspected that the car might not be insured.

He said there was a lot of water on the road. He was driving at 90 km/h and thought it was too dangerous to drive any faster. The defendant was still moving away from him.

Sergeant O'Carroll passed by the two witnesses and went up the lane where he found the car. There was no evidence of tax or insurance on it.

He later called to the defendant's house on two occasions to talk to him about the incident and to make a demand for insurance but he was unable to make contact with him.

He then made an insurance demand on Mary Delaney, the registered owner of the car. She said she didn't know who was driving on that date. She later produced an insurance policy but the defendant wasn't named on that policy. She herself was only insured on it for three days as the registered ownership was only transferred to her for a short time.

Judge O Buachalla fined the defendant €400 for dangerous driving; €200 for having no tax and €1,000 for driving without insurance. He also banned him from driving for a year.

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