Monday 23 October 2017

D'Arcy celebrates birthday on polling day

By Esther Hayden

Senator Michael D'Arcy will surely be hoping that he gets thousands and thousands of birthday presents this long as they come in the shape of first preference votes!

Senator D'Arcy will turn 46 on polling day, February 26, and will no doubt be hoping for a voting birthday bonanza.

The Gorey senator who lost his Dail seat in the 2011 General Election is no stranger to having his birthday fall around polling day and back in 2011 his birthday fell on the day after polling day, the day of the count.

Senator D'Arcy said he was aware for some time that the two events, his birthday and polling day, would coincide adding that the polling day, although not confirmed until recently, had been flagged for some time. However he played down any talk of birthday celebrations saying it 'has been a while since I celebrated my birthday' but he must surely be hoping for a birthday weekend to remember for years to come!

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