Monday 23 October 2017

D'Arcy on the doorsteps


Michael D'Arcy with Anthony O'Hara, Sean Doire, Gorey.
Michael D'Arcy with Anthony O'Hara, Sean Doire, Gorey.

Donning a blue fluorescent jacket Senator Michael D'Arcy oozed confidence as he walked from door to door in Sean Doire estate in Gorey.

He said he was unperturbed by presence of three North Wexford candidates in the fray for the General Election instead believing it can only help his cause rather than hinder it.

Last time out D'Arcy was the only North Wexford candidate and despite getting a better first preference vote that party colleague Paul Kehoe and Fianna Fail's John Browne, both of whom went onto be elected, he lost out on a seat.

'I expect to be in the hunt for the last seat but I expect to get it. One to five will do me at the end of the day. First or last (seat) will do me. Although Fine Gael are running three candidates in Wexford the party hasn't divided up the county in terms of where each of the individual candidate can canvass and instead the whole county is open to them.

Canvassing during the day can be a thankless job with a lot of people out at work but Michael says if there's no answer he drops a leaflet in and hopes that people who have any questions will contact him.

At one house Shirley Nolan is confident Michael will be elected and said he is assured of her vote. When she answers the door Michael said he was looking for her Number 1 and she said he had nothing to fear.

'You don't even have to ask me for it. You know you'll get it.'

She said that would be 'wanting his help but I won't bother you know. I'll come down to you after the election' steadfast in her belief he will don the Deputy D'Arcy hat again come March.

The D'Arcy political legacy, a point never mentioned by D'Arcy himself, was to the fore on the doorsteps too.

Anthony O'Hara said that it wouldn't be for the want of trying that he wouldn't be elected.

'You're doing all right and getting there. At the end of the day we need to get someone elected in North Wexford.

'If you are able to do a third of what your father did we would be doing well. You've always only been a phone call away for our family. You should do well.

'In fairness, if you don't do well it won't be your fault. It will be the fault of the people of the town.'

Keen to get him back on the campaign trail Anthony hurried him along saying 'go on and get some more votes and don't be talking to me'.

John Gahan, however, was less enthusiastic saying he wasn't very political and didn't have a lot of political views. 'I have had plenty (of candidates) around but I haven't made up my mind. I suppose it will be someone local but I haven't decided.'

First time voter Roisin O'Reilly said she was still deciding about her Number 1 vote but said: 'I think it should be someone local. We need a local TD.'. Roisin who is studying Healthcare and Sport in Gorey Community College said she was looking forward to casting her first vote.

Over at Jennifer Nolan's house she confessed she had never voted in her life, but said she might break the practice of a lifetime on February 26. 'I'll give a read through of your leaflet and have a think.' She agreed to call into his constituency office with any questions or issues she had.

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