Wednesday 23 October 2019

Decapitated seal pup found on Rosslare beach

The decapitated seal
The decapitated seal

Amy Lewis

A decapitated seal pup found on the beach at Rosslare Strand appears to be the victim of a human attack, according to Joe Ryan.

The CBS teacher was walking on the beach when he came across the carcass, which he described as 'a healthy and clean looking animal'. According to him, it was very clear that creature's head had been intentionally decapitated.

'My own background is zoology and I noticed that there were no marks whatsoever on the carcass,' he said. 'There were no propeller marks and no sharks would do something like that inshore in Irish waters. An awful lot of other explanations just don't stand up. It was done by a person.'

The attack appeared to have been carried out over the last two days according to Joe, who labelled the killing as 'disgusting'.

'I'm working on the presumption that someone at sea saw this pup and did that to it. I reckon it was a fisherman, but it may not have been, I am not jumping to conclusions,' he said. 'Seal numbers are on the way up and the fishermen see a battle between them and the seals regarding fish stocks. I understand that people are under financial pressure but you can't kill a species for financial reasons.'

This is the first time that Joe has seen a seal on the beach, which he says does not usually attract the animals close to the shore. Although he has not reported the case yet, he said that he is considering bringing the issue to the gardai.

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