Sunday 18 March 2018

Demand for politicians to get off fence



THE JOINT COMMITTEE of communities affected by the proposed Oylegate to Rosslare Harbour motorway has called on local politicians to set out clearly whether or not they are in favour of the major project.

Though most of the county's TDs and councillors said they are in favour of the project at public meetings on the issue as they feel it will be in the best economic interests of the county in years to come, the joint committee feel it is a massive waste of taxpayers' money in difficult times.

' We demand that our elected public representatives clearly state and justify their position on this controversial project and we also call on Wexford County Council and the NRA to justify their positions,' said the joint committee in a statement issued on Monday.

' Our National Debt has rocketed from around €10 billion in 1980 to approximately €84 billion at the end of the second quarter of 2010.

' Last week alone, there was yet another Government Bond auction which raised a further €1.5 billion and there have been similar bond auctions every month this year. These bonds will all have to be repaid in the future,' the statement continued.

' This unnecessary motorway will cost an estimated €8 to €10 million per kilometre in construction and compulsory purchase costs alone for a potential 39-kilometre route, to say nothing about finance, maintenance and other costs. 'As a united group of communities, we call upon Wexford County Council and the NRA to show common sense, upgrade the existing road where necessary and use the taxpayers money where it is needed most,' the joint committee stated.

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