Wednesday 16 October 2019




WEXFORD County Council has called in the 'Ghostbusters' as it takes drastic measures to clean up Gorey's only 'ghost' estate this week.

The council has decided not to demolish all the houses on site at Coill na Giuise, on the Ballytegan Road, and is instead boarding up and saving the houses which are almost complete along the roadside. However, the houses which were only at the ' timber frame' stage, and surrounded by scaffolding, will come down later this week.

Council engineer Neville Shaw confirmed that the council has hired a contractor to move in on site and make it safe. 'We're strengthening up the outside of the estate – we've built up the roadside walls by four bricks, and are putting up gates,' he said.

He said the owners of the site, Twin Builders, were issued with a notice to take remedial action before a certain date, but that date has now passed, so the council has moved in to do the work itself.

'We couldn't let it go on any longer,' he said. 'We had to step in.' The Department of the Environment recently allocated a sum of money to help with the work. ' The timber frame structures are coming down towards the end of the week,' said Neville. 'We're boarding up the main houses,

which are predominantly finished, to prevent kids getting access to them.'

' They will be left until someone buys them and finishes them off,' he said. ' They won't be knocked. They were ransacked several times, and timber work, pipe work, and even slates from the roof have been ripped out. Anything of value has been taken.'

' The timber frame houses were standing for two years, and there was the risk they'd come crashing down,' he explained.

He said that the work will also involve making the site safer than it currently is, covering drains, and lying flat a concrete wall which is standing on another foundation. He said that the houses are 'very much for sale' at the moment. 'If somebody wants to buy them, they are there,' he commented.

Coill na Giuise was intended to be a 79house development, but has lain idle for three years after the developer ran into difficulties.

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