Friday 20 September 2019

Developer gets extra time to pay

A DEVELOPER, who owes €1.6 million to the Bank of Scotland and €40,000 to in unpaid planning levies, has been given more time to see if he can come up with the money due to Wexford County Council.

John Doyle, Bregorteen, Barntown has not paid the Council €40,000 in levies in respect of planning permission granted to him for a four house development in Townparks.

Doyle appeared at Wexford District Court on Monday as Wexford County Council sought to have the planning levies paid.

Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla was told that Doyle had 'ninety per cent' finished two of the houses, while another was 'seventy-five per cent' finished and the final house hadn't yet been started.

None of the houses been sold.

Doyle had hoped to sell one of the houses before Christmas, and discharge some of the debt owing to the Council, but the house sale 'fell through'.

Judge O Buachalla adjourned the case until May 23 to see if Mr. Doyle's fortunes changed in the interim.

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