Friday 18 October 2019

Diarmuid wins Channel 4's 'Tour' competition in Barcelona

A NEW ROSS man is celebrating having won a reality TV show competition in Barcelona.

Diarmuid Bennett (25), from 25, Brandon Park, who works in a radiography unit in a London hospital, won the Channel 4 Brendan's Magical Mystery Tours competition recently.

A former Theatre Tavern employee, Diarmuid was chosen along with seven other contestants from London and Manchester to participate in the fun Big Brother-style show.

His father Anthony said, 'They picked him up at his door and brought him to Barcelona. They were asked to complete different challenges each day and if you failed your accommodation would be downgraded and you could end up sleeping in a tent. He won on one of the days and was upgraded to a fancy hotel.'

Diarmuid won having entertained passersby on the street by dancing and singing. His joie-de-vivre, be it when it came to polishing shoes or entertaining a bus load of tourists acting as if he was from the city, ensured he won the competition.

'Diarmuid got them going by asking them what nationalities they were. He had to escort them all around the city; there were six or seven Irish there so that may have swung it for him,' Anthony said.

The Bennett family (Anthony, Mairead, Eoin and Cillian) watched Diarmuid's progress with great anticipation and were overjoyed when he won.

Anthony said, 'The whole town of New Ross was glued to it'.

Describing his son as having plenty of energy and being 'full of beans', he said Diarmuid won a £1,000 holiday voucher and is considering going to Thailand for a break.

'He never told us until just before it was on the TV; we were so excited,' his proud father said.

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