Tuesday 20 August 2019

Disquiet over Garda station changes

GOREY Councillors are unhappy at the prospect of Gorey Garda Station being downgraded.

Cllr Robert Ireton told last week's Town Council meeting they should seek a meeting with the Minister for Justice over the reduction in policing levels and the proposed downgrading of the Gorey station. Cllr Colin Webb was surprised to read last week that the decision on the loss of the Superintendent in Gorey would be made within weeks.

He said they'd previously been told the decision was 'at least a year away.'

'It seems to have stepped up a gear,' he said. 'It's the policing plan for 2013, so if the decision is taken, it will be for next year,' said Cllr Malcolm Byrne.

Cllr. Ireton found this decision extraordinary. 'Gorey is the second biggest town, and the Superintendent is being kept in the third biggest town, Enniscorthy,' he said.

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