Tuesday 20 August 2019

DJ bucks trend by making cup of tea

Maria Pepper

A WEXFORD DJ warned people about the dangers of 'neknomination', the social media drinking game, just days before two young Irish men lost their lives.

'I could see it a mile away. I knew something bad was going to happen,' said 22-year-old Eoin Healy, who posted a video of himself after being 'neknominated' by a friend.

The Facebook post, which has received 18,000 likes, shows Eoin in his kitchen, getting ready to do the dare.

But instead of 'necking' a pint of alcoholic spirits as many have done, he goes through the motions of making himself a cup of tea – with an 'extreme' two sugars.

Addressing the self-styled 'full-time, crazy mad bastards' who have posted similar videos, he says: 'I'm going to be crazy now. I'm going to down a mad drink.'

Eoin used the mock challenge to make an appeal for an end to the internet game.

'I just think it's time for everyone to stop because some people are taking it too far,' he told viewers..

'Say a 12-year old sees one of the videos and thinks they can down a litre of vodka. They could collapse and end up in hospital.

'I think it's time to stop. You've had your fun now.'

The popular D.J., who plays in Metropolis nightclub at Whites Hotel and at teenage events around the county, uploaded the video two days before a 19-year-old from Carlow and a 22-year-old Dublin D.J. died in 'neknomination'-linked tragedies.

'There was a big reaction before the tragedies but after the deaths occurred, it doubled,' said Eoin, who was interviewed about the post last week by BBC London.

'It's great that people understood the message but it's a pity that it stepped up after they died and not before,' he said.

'I was trying to prevent something happening.' As a role model for Wexford teenagers, Eoin felt he had a responsibility to try and stop them getting involved.

When he was nominated himself , he decided not to rise to the challenge.

'I do teen discos and I thought if I do this, they're going to think it's okay,' he said.

'I had already seen some 16 and 17 year olds starting to do it.'

Eoin said he saw at least 50 Wexford neknomination videos on Facebook pages - all of them have since been taken down.

'In one of them, you had people jumping into a lake at Wexford Golf Club. I also saw a video of a chap on a children's ride in Tesco.

'There was one of an Irish farmer walking around his yard drinking a bottle of whiskey.

'It was obvious something bad was going to happen,' said the former FDYS volunteer, who is involved in a youth anti-bullying campaign with Metrolopis nightclub Events Manager and fellow D.J. Paul (Cully) Cullen.

His message to young people is 'Drink to enjoy, not to destroy'.

Eoin said some 16- and 17-year-olds just want to go out and get as drunk as possible.

The age at which young people are currently allowed out socialising, is one contributory factor in underage drinking in particular, in his view.

'It's definitely worse than when I a teenager. We weren't allowed out until we were 16 or 17.'

'Parents are letting children out now at 13 and by the time they reach 16, they think they're ready to drink.'

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