Saturday 17 August 2019

'Doctors need to get behind health centre'

WEXFORD divided GPs are under pressure to come together and co-operate if Wexford is to have a multimillion-euro health centre.

Provision for the new facility was included in the Government stimulus package which was announced last week. Now efforts are being made behind the scenes to bring local doctors together in support of the venture.

'It will be a new flagship health centre,' said Minister Brendan Howlin as he looked forward to having the centre on his Wexford doorstep. The he added the nervous rider: 'I hope the GPs will buy into it.' Independent councillor Padge Reck, pictured left, was also keen on the concept, which will mean fewer people having to attend Wexford General as out-patients. But he was worried that local medics are not ready to seize the initiative.

' The doctors in Wexford are at loggerheads,' observed the councillor from Mulgannon. ' There is a problem with the doctors locally. They take the Hippocratic oath and the patient comes first. I would expect the medical profession to rally around.' He suggested it might be possible to use an existing building for the centre, such as the largely vacant new concrete and glass building on Paul Quay, for the purpose.

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