Monday 26 August 2019

Dog gagged and tied to tree reunited with his owners

Darragh Byrne and Max.
Darragh Byrne and Max.

By David Tucker

A pet Labrador found tied to a tree with his mouth taped up has been re-united with his owners.

Brigid Cullen, from the WSPCA, said the dog had been stolen, although how it came to be tied to the tree in a forested area at Scar, Duncormick, is unclear.

The dog's owners, the Byrne family from Scar, said 'Max' had disappeared from the family home. They said they had looked for Max, but their search had been fruitless until they saw his picture online after he was taken in by the WSPCA following his discovery by a couple out walking.

Helen Byrne said 'Max' had been taken from the yard of her mother and father's house when her mother was shopping in Wexford.

'When she got back, he was gone.. we looked for him, but could't find any sign of him and we couldn't hear him either because as we now know, his mouth was taped over,' said Helen.

She described whomever had taken the dog as 'sick' and 'horrible' and said the family would like to find out who was responsible so that appropriate action could be taken.

'We're blessed that we got him back.. he's been a loved member of the family since my young fella was two,' she said.

Helen said nothing else was taken at the time Max disappeared

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