Wednesday 16 October 2019

Dog 'left for dead' making full recovery

Lurcher found with bones protruding due to starvation

The dog found in Rosbercon, pictured at Pets First, Ballycarney, Enniscorthy
The dog found in Rosbercon, pictured at Pets First, Ballycarney, Enniscorthy

David Looby

A dog found with its bones exposed from starvation, covered in sores and fleas, is making a full recovery having been found in Rosbercon, New Ross.

The lurcher dog, which is believed to be aged between one and two, was reported to the dog warden Johnny Colfer by a member of the public.

Brigid Cullen, Re-homing Officer with the WSPCA, said the male dog was close to death.

Ms Cullen said: 'He was in a very bad way. He was too sick to move it anywhere and was dehydrated and had worms. It's just isn't acceptable in this day and age. The dog was brought to the Wexford County Council vet at Pets First in Ballycarney to be checked for a microchip but, of course, she didn't have one.'

The WSPCA are actively looking to re-home the lurcher, who is very friendly.

'We will pay for his food and for all the veterinary expenses. He is a young dog, so we will give him every chance.'

Ms Cullen said the dog was subjected to neglect and cruelty by its owners and appealed for anyone with information about the pet's owners to contact Wexford County Council or the gardaí on 051 426030.

Mr Colfer said he has been very busy picking up stray dogs over the past few weeks, following a very busy start to the year.

He said the dog has a nice nature and is fully retrievable.

'Considering he had bones protruding and other injuries including pressure sores, skin problems and his bum was very raw, he has come on leaps and bounds. He is on painkillers and his wounds have been treated so he is going to be 100 per cent for whoever wants to take him home.'

Mr Colfer added: 'Whoever owned him dumped him. If people had left it another couple of days to report him he would have been dead so this is a good news story. He is a lucky dog and will get his forever home. He will be cared for over the coming days and weeks until he is strong enough to be moved so the WSPCA can secure a forever home for him. I have spoken to the vet who said the dog has come on quite well. The wounds are healing well and you wouldn't recognise him from when I first picked him up.'

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