Monday 14 October 2019

Doggone it...samba returns after four and a half years!

WHEN Wexford man Damien Godkin lost his dog Samba four and a half years ago he assumed the worst.

But, last week Damien got the surprise of his life when his little hobo turned up just around the corner from his home, presumably after an incredible adventure. Samba, who went missing from Damien's home in Cromwellsfort in 2007, was found by three local boys who contacted the owner after spotting his name and phone number on the dog's collar. 'When it got to a few weeks without seeing him I assumed that the dog must've been dead. I had my name and phone number on his collar so I thought if anyone picked him up, they would've notified me.'

However, last week Damien received a call from three young lads who had found a dog around the corner in Bishopwater. 'I got a call from some young lads who wanted to know if I was missing a dog.' Damien said. 'I told them I hadn't had a dog for years since Samba ran away.'

Damien was in for a massive shock however, as when he went to investigate he found Samba, wearing the same collar which had Damien's mobile number attached.

'I just couldn't believe it. But sure enough he's back with me now and he's the same old Samba he always was.'

Damien still has no idea where Samba has been for all this time. It is still unclear whether the dog had been taken in by another family for that period or whether it had survived by itself.

'I've been watching him like a hawk since he came back' Damien said. 'And one thing I've noticed is that he cleans his coat every day, getting rid of grass or whatever else might be stuck to him.

'As well as that I've noticed that he eats roots and bits of grass and things like that. Whether that's a sign that he might have survived by himself, I don't know, but I suppose it might be possible. Other than that he's exactly the same.

'He's a very placid dog and is great with my son, but I'll keep watching him closely just to be safe.'

Damien was extremely grateful to the three young lads, Kristian Bunici, Richie Kielthy and Jason Busher, who had found his dog and even offered to give them a reward. However the boys were just delighted to see the dog reunited with its owner.

Samba is now back living with Damien and the whole episode has made for a magical story for his son Tadhg. 'I've told my son that Samba went away when he was a baby because he was too small to play with him, and now that he's bigger, he's come back.'

While Damien is delighted to have Samba back, he still has lots of questions. 'I was hoping maybe if somebody read this in the paper and saw a picture of the dog, they might recognise him and be able to help me find out where he's been.'

Damien can be contacted on 085 8057055 if anyone has any information about the dog and its whereabouts over the past four and a half years.

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