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Double take as Ciara meets lookalike in German college

Cordelia Roberts and Ciara Murphy.
Cordelia Roberts and Ciara Murphy.
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Cordelia Roberts and Ciara Murphy met at college in Germany.

By Esther Hayden

Glenbrien student Ciara Murphy got the surprise of her life when she met her doppelgänger, an English student, at a college in Bremen, Germany.

21-year-old Ciara moved to Bremen in September and was bombarded by statements that she must have a twin there but knowing her only sibling Claire was far from Germany she laughed off the talk. However that all changed when she bumped into English student Cordelia Roberts in the bathroom at the college as the girls were dead ringers for each other!

'It was freaky enough at the start', laughed Ciara. 'It took a while to get used to but we are used to it by now. We've only known each other five weeks which is not long at all but it feels like ages.'

Ciara who is the daughter of Mary and John Joe is currently studying German and Irish in Bremen while Cordelia is there studying marina biology.

'We met one day in the bathroom and because people had been saying to each of us about having a twin we recognised each other. We took a picture then and couldn't believe how alike we were. It's a bit weird especially in photographs because sometimes I see Corderlia in pictures and think it is me yet I know I wasn't there!

'Since we met though we've become inseparable. We've really hit it off and this has brought us together. We spend a lot of time together and we've become great friends. When I sent the pictures of the two of us home mam and dad were amazed. Mam was a bit confused when she saw it first and asked which one was me!

'Dad was laughing and wondered if he had three daughters now.'

Ciara said she and Cordelia spent a lot of their time together now since meeting and have the same group of friends. 'We all hang around together and spent a lot of our time together. It was really strange to meet each other like this but it was great too. I've made a great friend in Cordelia and we might never have met only for the fact that we look so alike because our courses are so different.'

Ciara went to Breman in September as part of a college exchange programme and said she is loving life in the German city. 'Bremen is a gorgeous city.'

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