Monday 26 August 2019

Doubts are cast over 'problem Dubs' fears


THE NOTION that local authorities in Dublin are dumping problem tenants in County Wexford is an urban myth according to local housing officials.

The issue was raised last week by Cllr. Michael Kinsella who wondered whether social problems emerging in Courtown and Riverchapel were due to other councils, or perhaps the HSE, taking advantage of cheaper rents outside the capital to house difficult clients.

He admitted that the evidence for this was what he called 'anecdotal' and director of housing services Tony Larkin said that he had heard the same anecdotes.

However, the director reported that the other authorities denied any such policy. He insisted that they are obliged to consult with colleagues on the ground before making any such move.

'I don't say it is not happening but we have no evidence that it is,' said Tony Larkin, appealing for anyone with specific names and addresses to make contact.

Cllr. Kinsella wondered aloud whether the HSE, or perhaps even the Department of Justice, had a hand in re-locating clients attending methadone clinics to County Wexford.

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