Friday 20 September 2019

Drama will soon begin as Oyster Lane Theatre Group announces cast for Legally Blonde

Mark Collins, Jamie Doyle, Yvette Walsh and John White.
Mark Collins, Jamie Doyle, Yvette Walsh and John White.
The full cast with lead Sharon Clancy.
Emily Brazzill, Daniel Furlong, Rachel Murphy and Shelly Geoghegan.
Greg Currid, Jackie Currid, Thomas Martin and Lorraine Martin.
Tiana Smith, Gia Simmons, Catherine Devereux and Sinead Rafter.
Rebecca Smith, Laura Ryan, Mary Somers Cashen and Jonny Smith..

By Amy Lewis

Following four long days of auditions, Oyster Lane Theatre Group have unveiled the cast for their production of Legally Blonde and Sharon Clancy is set to play the leading lady.

Over 50 new and experienced people will take to the stage for the production, which will take place during this year's Wexford Opera Festival.

Twenty two years after she played Sandy in Oyster Lane's very first production Grease, Sharon Clancy returns, in between stints in Mamma Mia and Million Dollar Quartet in the West End, to play the role of Elle Woods. Joining her on stage will be a stellar cast including Gearoid McCauley as Emmett, Tom Joyce as Warner, Neal O'Leary as Callahan, Yvette Walsh as Vivienne, Majella Londra as Paulette, Emma O'Leary as Brooke and playing the sorority sisters are Niamh Bolger as Margo, Emily Brazzill as Pilar and Catherine Devereux as Serena. Aims award winning choreographer Suzanne O'Leary will head the production team this year as she steps into the director's role, as well as being the choreographer. By her side will be musical director Patrick Clancy and chairperson Greg O'Leary.

The drama group will also be auditioning for two dogs to take part in the show and information about these auditions will be announced soon.

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