Tuesday 12 December 2017

Drug dealer jailed for four months

A YOUNG WEXFORD MAN who failed to engage with the probation services and also failed to attend court sittings has received a four-month jail term for drug dealing.

Keith McAuley ( 24), of 13 Ashfield Drive, Coolcotts, had admitted to the possession of cannabis for sale or supply at Belvedere Grove on November 29, 2008.

Last April, the court heard that McAuley was likely to receive a community service order this month after the Gardaí had found € 500 worth of cannabis in the fire of a house in the housing estate, which McAuley admitted was his.

Ed King, for McAuley, said in April that his client is unemployed, but starting a Fás cookery course. He also said he was no longer involved in drug dealing.

Judge William Earley told Mr King that there was a community service report before him, but it was very short as McAuley failed to attend any of his appointments with the probation service.

Mr King said the reason for this was that McAuley's mother, who lives in England, was ill and he returned to be with her. Judge Earley then adjourned the case until June 7 for another community service report.

' The minimum that is required of you is to cooperate fully with the probation service between now and June 7,' Judge Earley told McAuley.

However, McAuley failed to do that and he also failed to appear in court last Tuesday. Mr King said he didn't know where he was.

' He obviously has no interest in taking up the option ( community service) offered to him,' said Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla, noting that a warrant previously had to issue for McAuley on another occasion he didn't show up in court. Judge O Buachalla convicted McAuley of dealing drugs and sentenced him to four months in prison.

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