Friday 23 August 2019

Drunken man spat and kicked at Gardai as they tried to arrest him

A MAN who spat at Gardaí and kicked out at them as they arrested him for a public order offence told Judge Donnchadh Ó Buachalla that he had since stopped drinking.

Unemployed fitness trainer Derek Rowe (27) of Ralphtown in Bridgetown appeared at Enniscorthy District Court to face charges of threatening/abusive behaviour, intoxication in a public place and refusal to supply his name/address. He pleaded guilty on all counts, though his memory of what occurred on October 25 last was patchy.

He came to the attention of the Gardaí in Abbey Square that night in an intoxicated state. They attempted to calm him down but he became violent when they went to search him.

He started spitting and kicking out at officers. When he was secured in a cell at the barracks, he punched the cell walls and removed his clothes. Urine was noted seeping into the corridor outside his cell.

His record showed thirteen previous convictions, including road traffic offences and a public order matter. Solicitor John O'Leary accepted that his client had behaved very poorly on this occasion. The defendant recognised that his problems stemmed from drink and he said he had not gone near alcohol lately.

For his threatening/ abusive behaviour, he was given a suspended two month jail term and told to behave himself for two years if he wants to remain out of prison. Being drunk in public drew a conviction with a fine of €200.

His refusal to supply his particulars added a further conviction and a fine of €100.

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