Wednesday 16 October 2019

Duncormick man Shane escapes shark attack in Australia

Shane Roche (inset) being interviewed after the shark attack.
Shane Roche (inset) being interviewed after the shark attack.
Shane Roche and Dale Carr surfing moments before the shark attack. .
Shane Roche from Duncormick.

By Esther Hayden

A Duncormick man had a narrow escape when a shark attacked his friend as they were both surfing from Port Macquarie in Australia.

Shane Roche (34) was surfing with friend Dale Carr on August 22 at about 4.30pm when the attack happened. The shark attacked Dale and Shane said it is something he will never forget. He paddled towards Dale to help him and saw the shark which was about 2.7 meters long moving in for the kill.

Fortunately after the attack Dale managed to get to shore after catching a wave leaving Shane alone in the water with a trail of Dale's blood nearby. 'I didn't think I'd make it', said Shane who is the son of Margaret and Dermot Roche from Bellary, Duncormick.

Miraclously Shane made his way back to the beach without injury and he and a number of onlookers immediately began to tend to Dale's injuries. Shane said: 'it was a real MacGyver moment because we didn't have any first aid equipment to work with. We just picked up anything that was to hand.'

Shane moved to Australia six years ago to travel. He said he never intended to stay as long but the years have just slipped by. He said he has settled into Australia saying 'Port is gorgeous but who knows I may return to fishing in Kilmore Quay one day.'

He said Dale was lucky to survive. 'At the time of the attack I was too shocked to think anything and just focused on Dale. It was touch and go for quiet a while and the wound was enormous. He has had his third operation now though and should hopefully be healed up by Christmas.'

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