Wednesday 23 October 2019

Dunphy out of election race due to work commitments

Renua's Shane Dunphy, who has withdrawn.
Renua's Shane Dunphy, who has withdrawn.

Renua's Shane Dunphy has pulled out of the election race in Wexford because, he says, he wouldn't be able to devote the amount of time needed to his candidacy due to his work as a teacher at WIT.

'I don't do things by half, it would have an insult to the people of Wexford if I hadn't been able to commit myself 100 per cent,' he told this newspaper, adding that many of the other candidates had more time at their disposal 'because they are self-employed',

He said that a lot of people had thought of him as an odd-fit with Renua and had raised their eyebrows, given his Left-leaning views. 'but, I thought there was the potential to bridge the gap between Left and Right in politics.'

He said he had 'no idea' if Renua had another potential candidate in town or county to take his place.

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